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KCBS and KLLC Tour

Way back in 1996 I got the idea that it would be a good idea to create a on-line tour of KCBS and KLLC. I envisioned it as a tour for other engineer types to see what we did here and share some info. After I started it I got some input from others that it should also be listener friendly so I made some changes and finally put it up on THE WORLD WIDE WEB in 1997. At this time KCBS barely had an official prescence on the web. It was all sorta new to everyone. Well, the site became quite popular. The listeners liked it since they could now see everyone behind the mic and scenes and also what the studios and transmitters looked like. The site was also popular with technical types and I got many nice comments on it from around the world. It even won a Radio Digest 5 Star web site award! I think I kept it up there until about 1998 or so and took it down. My present Steam Powered Radio site is an outgrowth of this old site. I always wanted to return something to the web but in a slightly expanded form. It only took me 20 years and time off due to a detached retina to get it going again.


The tour covers our old studios on the 32nd floor at 1 Embarcadero Center and both the KCBS and KLLC transmitter sites. CBS occupied this space from 1970 to December of 2000 when we moved to our present location at Battery and Broadway in the KPIX TV building. There are pictures of the staff, equipment and the KCBS Hot Tub!


So here it is. The code was lovingly handcrafted in HTML 3 using a program called Hot Dog Pro. It reflects the kind of basic design that was prevelant at the time and I have a amusing list of browsers that I tested it on. Also I give a warning to the unsuspecting viewer that some of the images are quite large, some as big as 40K! Oh my, with your 14.4K modem you'll be spending all day loading them.