In 2008 we removed our venerable MW50 and Collins 316 transmitters and did a pretty thorough rebuild inside the building. We posted a little website on a server at work so everyone could see what we were up to. I never did put in any completed pictures of the building but you can find them elsewhere on the site. I just pulled the old HTML files and posted them here because I am too lazy to re-write the whole thing.

As some of you are aware, we have been installing a new transmitter for KCBS. This has become a fairly large project and we thought that, since it is unlikely that most of you will be able to get out to the transmitter plant, you might like a look at what it takes to re-do our transmitter site. This is one of those projects that only comes along every 20 years or so and we are pretty excited about it.

With that in mind, we put up this site so you can get a close up view of the rebuild without getting covered with plaster dust.

So c'mon, take a peek. You won't even have to fight through two miles of muddy road to get an insiders look.

redbutton.gif - 2445 Bytes A little history of the KCBS transmitter site. redbutton.gif - 2445 Bytes A look inside the KCBS transmitter building.
redbutton.gif - 2445 Bytes The new transmitter arrives. redbutton.gif - 2445 Bytes Demolition begins.
redbutton.gif - 2445 Bytes Remodeling the inside of the building. redbutton.gif - 2445 Bytes The finished building. coming_soon.gif - 11847 Bytes

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Updated 1-14-08

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