Steam Powered Radio

A Collection of Non-Memorable Radio Memorabilia

KLLC - Alice@97.3

In 2006 we removed our old Sparta 625 transmitter and rebuilt the transmitter plant. The old 625 came to CBS from Family Radio when CBS acquired the 97.3 frequency in 1978 in a three way deal with Family Radio, CBS and KMPX, who moved from 106.9 to the old KCBS frequency at 98.9. I remember that 625 when I worked for KDFC. KEAR was a religous station and if I remember right their chief was Bob Lyons. After every power failure on Mt. Beacon, all the other stations, KMPX, KABL and KDFC, would have some problem coming back on the air. Not KEAR. You would hear a click, look in and they were back on. Good engineering or a Higher Power? Don't know, but by 2006 it was time to make the Sparta go away. We removed it and installed a BE FM25T as our main and at the same time went HD with a BE FMI201 xmtr.


Here are some pictures of the whole process.