Steam Powered Radio

A Collection of Non-Memorable Radio Memorabilia


KTIM AM went on the air May 1, 1947. The early programming was comprised of music, interviews and news. KTIM FM was added in June of 1961. Programming was pretty much middle of the road until a 23 year old named Clint Weyrauch came along in 1971 and proposed that a rock format would be just the thing for the FM. He persuaded the general manager, Hugh Turner, to let him program rock four nights a week from 8PM to midnight. Eventually the format expanded to 24 hours seven days a week. The AM was still programmed separately but eventually went full simulcast.


In the mid 70's KTIM was truly a free form format. Anything was fair game. Rock, blues, CW, reggae and even some classical from time to time. Air staff included Clint Weyrauch, David T, Tony Beradini, Bill Ritchison, Cody Ryan, Paul Boucher, Dusty Street, Candi Chamberlain, Susie Davis, Wild Bill Scott, Todd Tolces and many more. And if you're one of the many more and I did not include you, sorry, let me know and set me straight.