Steam Powered Radio

A Collection of Non-Memorable Radio Memorabilia

KKHI-FM - 95.7mHz - 6.9KW

KKHI-FM was located on San Bruno Mountain in building 1. We shared a tower with KQED-FM. It was actually a fairly nice site though our front door was on the windward side of the building and we were constantly asking the landlord to replace the front doors due to water damge. The main transmitter was a Harris FM20H with an MS15 exciter. The back up was a GE Type BF-2A 3KW with an exciter that used a Phasitron tube for modulation. The transmitter consisted of a Type BT-1A 250 watt FM transmitter that fed a Type BF-2A 3KW power amp to produce 3KW. Thankfully the original exciter was replaced by a Collins A830-2 exciter by the time I got there. We did not have a back-up generator and sometimes in really bad storms we would be off the air for a day.