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KCBS 100th Anniversary Broadcast


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On June 11th in 2009, KCBS celebrated 100 years of broadcasting by doing a live broadcast from the same location and on the same day that Charles 'Doc' Herrold did his first broadcast in 1909. We returned there 100 years later and set up outside the new building that now occupies the spot where Doc Herrold had his College of Wireless and Engineering in the Garden City Bank Building at First and West San Fernando Streets in San Jose, California. Stan Bunger and Rebecca Corral anchored the afternoon from 12 noon to 3p.m.


Later that year, on November 13th, KCBS held a 100th anniversary party at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. KCBS had its studios at the Palace Hotel from 1942 to 1971. We decided to do a broadcast from the second story where we could look down on the main dining area where most of the entertainment was. We set it up to look like a broadcast from the 1950's. Mike Smith, our director of engineering, and I also wore suits that reflected what the average working man in 1950 would wear to work. All in all, the party and the broadcast both were huge successes.


Here are some pictures from both events.