Steam Powered Radio

A Collection of Non-Memorable Radio Memorabilia

KCAC AM 1010 Phoenix Arizona


I am including this tape in its entirety just for fun. It was made by the late Keith Davidson, who was my good friend, mentor and responsible for getting me into this silly business by starting our high school radio station, KPVH. When Keith was going to school in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970, he used to help out KCAC's Chief Engineer, Lou Burke I believe his name was, with engineering duties at the station. Keith would sometimes go in at night and do his 'After Hours Equipment Test Show' using the air name 'Johnny Pamper'. He ran these during the after midnight, experimental period allowed by the FCC. You weren't supposed to play music and run a show but you could get away with it, sometimes. Anyway, I just wanted to include this as a tribute to Keith