KCBS Transmitter Site

Demolition Begins

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All right. Now that you have some background on the site and have seen the new transmitter arrive, we can get down to the re-build. We are removing several walls and a lot of air handling duct work that aids in cooling the two transmitters that are going away. This will create a lot of dust and we need to protect the DX50 and 3DX transmitters from this. The work crews put up this plastic wall around the demolition area. The picture on the left shows the outside of the work area and the one on the right is a view from inside the barrier. Both transmitters are being removed, as is the wall above the transmitters. In the wall opposite the 316B in the background you can just see two brown doors. These doors open into the MW50 high voltage room where the plate transformer is located. The wall with these doors is also being removed. Out of sight to the left of the MW50 is another wall that will be removed as well.

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