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Demolition Begins

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Well, now that both transmitters have been removed, we move on to the roof. The first photo shows the air handling ducts that were required for the MW50. This blower filter assembly had two blowers and a two stage filter system to keep the air clean for the MW50. We will be removing the ductwork but leaving the framework that it sits on. The next photo shows the demo guys removing the exhaust blower from its mounts. The lower left has the blower shown in photo 2, sailing off the roof and into the dumpster. The last photo shows all of the blower/filter ductwork removed. The frame will be re-used for mounting antennas or anything else that needs a solid mount on the roof. Two of the old ducts that come up the side of the building to the roof will be re-used for some small blowers for the new storeroom.

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