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You have found the KCBS and Alice@97.3 studio and transmitter tour!

From this page you can select which radio station, KCBS or Alice@97.3, that you would like to tour. When you finish with one you can go back to the main page and visit the other one. We have two flavors of on line perusal to offer for KCBS. You can take the Nickel tour and just see the KCBS air studios, newsroom or you can take the 50 cent tour and see all of the operation, studios, transmitters, newsrooms,KCBS Rogues Gallery and of course, your hosts, the fabulous KCBS/Alice@97.3 ENGINEERS! (after all the person who wrote this is an engineer and, gosh darn it, we deserve our time in the limelight too).

The Alice@97.3 tour is complete with studios, transmitters and the Alice@97.3 Rogues Gallery.

Please select the tour you want below and join us on a cyber space tour of your favorite (we hope) radio stations.

Alice Logo.gif - 7.5 K Quick! Let me into the beautiful Alice studios.

KCBS Clock Logo OK. I would like to see where all that cool news and traffic info comes from.

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Updated 07/10/98