Alice@97.3 Transmitter

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These are the two equipment racks that hold all of the other items that are required to keep Alice on the air. In the left rack, from the top is, a frequency counter, a QEI FM modulation monitor, a Radio Designs ACM-1 AM noise monitor, a composite signal switcher, and a Modulation Sciences composite clipper. Next is a Moseley PCL 606 STL receiver and subcarrier de-modulator. Below that is a Orban 8200 processor for our back up audio phone lines.

In the right rack we have the transmitter switcher and a panel with interface relays. Below that is a Moseley MRC-2 remote control and a TFT 1610 remote control with one TFT 1615 Direct Control panel. For redundency both Alice and KCBS use two remote controls each with their own seperate data path. Below the TFT is a remote control interface relay panel.

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