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Libe Computer Modules


When I was starting High School and just getting started in electronics, I was interested in computers. Big boxes with blinking lights that could go up in flames if you fed something illogical into it. I discovered these Libe Computer Modules through a commercial on a local kids TV show (Captain Satellite, thank you Bob March) and talked my dad into taking me to Al Lashers Electronics in Berkeley. I forget how much they cost but I could not buy many at a time. These were cool, helped me learn soldering, wiring and all sorts of stuff. Anyway, Burt Libe published a book called 'A New Approach to Digital Computer Logic' and I used it for many circuits that I built. Somehow I lost my original copy of the book and found a used one on Amazon several years ago. I keep threatening to build up some these and to that end I CAD'ed them up and designed circuit boards using ExpressPCB. I can't duplicate the swoopy doopy traces that the original boards had but I think I got the components in the right places. I added LEDs to the flip flop boards cause they are easier to get than the old 6volt lamps used on the original boards. I am presenting the book here and feel OK about doing so because it is out of print and can only be obtained thru used book stores, if at all. I also have PDF's of the boards and posted the ExpressPCB files if you are so inclined to try rolling your own old logic circuits. Now if you can find Texas Instruments TI083 germanium NPN transistors in bulk, you're all set. And if you can find these transistors, please let me know. If you want to get ExpressPCB, you can find it Here.


Sadly, there is almost NO information on Burt Libe and his wonderful kits on line. I was able to find one schematic and a fuzzy photo of a flip flop board. So I am sorta presenting this as a tribute to Burt Libe and as a thank you for helping me get started in my career. If you know anything about Mr. Libe or know of any existing circuit boards, drop me a line. Or, if you are related to the Libe family or publisher and don't want any of this on line, let me know and I will take it down. Hope you don't.