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A Collection of Non-Memorable Radio Memorabilia

Jim Garrett Collection

Jim Garrett has been an electronics repair technician, broadcast technician, Chief Engineer, audio consultant and CD re-mastering engineer.  His interest in electronics was kindled by the Alfred P. Morgan books in his elementary school library and “Popular Electronics” magazine.  He built many projects from these sources, which included “phono oscillators” and small transmitters.  Like so many others, he had fun with “neighborhood” broadcasting, which led to college radio (at UC Irvine‘s KUCI) and commercial broadcasting.  Along the way, he honed his troubleshooting skills as a consumer electronics repair tech for a couple of years.


In the 1970s, he worked at various California radio stations including KEZY, KWIZ AM/FM and KYMS in Orange County.  At KATY, San Luis Obispo, he was Chief Engineer and did an evening air shift.   While serving as Chief at KWIZ, he learned of a maintenance technician opening at KNX, Los Angeles.  He was quickly hired and worked for the CBS O&O for about nine years.  In 1989, he began consulting on audio issues for KODJ, the CBS FM outlet in L.A.  He also produced and re-mastered a CD library for the company’s oldies stations.


Jim is on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Antique Radio Society, where he also oversees the club’s repair classes.  Over the years, he has amassed an interesting collection of paper related to hobby and consumer electronics, in addition to broadcasting.  Lesser seen pamphlets, booklets, catalogs and product information sheets are of special interest.  He is now beginning to post some of this material on this webpage.